five decades of self portrait



Five Decades of Self Portrait includes Assisted Self Portrait Images from David Attie, Handsworth Self Portrait (HSP), Jubilee Arts and The Public. It traces the influence of David Attie’s seminal Russian Self Portraits taken as part of a 1976 United States Information Agency exhibition in Kiev through to contemporary images.

 Attie was the first photographer to recognize the wider potential of handing control of the moment an image is captured to the person being photographed. He died in 1982 and his images have not been exhibited since 1979, and have never before been shown outside of the US.



24.05.2019 – 29.06.2019

Opening times: TBC





Brian Homer is a photographer, designer, and writer. He was part of the original Handsworth Self Portrait project in 1979 and also co-founded Ten8 international photography magazine.

He has co-curated many self-portrait photography projects with Timm Sonnenschein, Graham Peet and others including for the opening of the Library of Birmingham and as part of the celebration of the 50th Anniversary of Telford. He is an active photographer on the jazz scene and is currently collaborating with the Jazz research Group at BCU on a project exploring the everyday lives of jazz musicians and how they make a living.

David Attie was a successful New York studio and location photographer from the late 1950s until his death in 1982. Originally an advert, magazine and pulp novel cover illustrator he turned to photography when the newer medium caused the market for illustration to decline.

 Attie’s work was wide ranging, his practice included sandwiching negatives and overprinting images to create illustrative and conceptual photographs that pre-figured the use of Photoshop. He is best known for his pioneering 1970’s self-portrait work in Romania and Kiev (then in the USSR), of which his Russian Self Portraits book (1977) was highly influential.