Inka & Niclas



In Family Portraits Inka and Niclas, along with their son, collect self-portraits taken in overly romantic scenery.

They are wearing suits that bounce the light of the flash back into the camera lens, making them anonymous and radiate in the photograph.

The work is about the present day ritual of travelling and photographing - photographs as proof. It's about the depiction and consumption of grand scenery and it's also about the camera and the magic moment of exposure.



24.05.2019 – 29.06.2019

Opening times:

N/A - Outdoor exhibition



Sandwell Council House, Freeth Street, Oldbury, B69 3DE



The materiality of photography is crucial in Inka and Niclas Lindergård’s work which tells of the contemporary perception processes of nature and the connection of the photographic medium with the stylisation of landscape.

Bright utopian landscapes in their works address the spectators’ experience, making them notice not only the beauty but also the culture. An open portal to the hyperrealistic synthesis of beauty, kitsch and visual desire in the language of photography.

Inka (Finland) and Niclas (Sweden) Lindergård is an awarded artist duo who works primarily with photography-based art. They have worked together since 2007 and live in Stockholm, Sweden.